Virtual Auction

The Jones Robinson Virtual Auction Strategy

"A property is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, until they realise other potential buyers may be interested."

At Jones Robinson we make this happen!

The Virtual Auction Strategy is an innovative approach designed to enhance the saleability of your property to ensure you achieve the very best price.
This brochure aims to explain how the strategy works and how it can help you to achieve the most from your home.

At Jones Robinson we believe that the first buyer to express an interest in your property may not necessarily be the most suitable. By offering your home for sale with a guide price and investigating the market we provide the opportunity to maximise the price you might achieve and secure a buyer who is in the best possible position.

The Virtual Auction process involves a period of marketing which gives potential buyers a chance to view the property without fear of it going under offer before everyone has been given a chance to see it.

This process naturally drives competition and invariably results in the securing of a buyer who offers the best credentials and the greatest motivation to purchase.

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By following this proven formula, the odds of a successful sale are greatly increased along with your chances of securing your next home.

Following a period of marketing involving multiple viewings of your property, a date is set for initial offers to be presented. Various factors can affect this, including market conditions, and a 'best offer' is then invited. Buyers must put their 'best foot forward' and this includes advising the agent of their financial status and their buying position.

Once all final offers have been received, you decide which buyer to proceed with. You are under no obligation to accept any bids and you may decide to proceed with a slightly lower offer from a cash buyer with nothing to sell, as this may improve your chances of securing your next home. As your agents, we will always offer you the best advice.

Once you have reached a decision we will inform the successful party. Our highly experienced sales progressors will follow the journey closely to completion and keep you fully informed along the way.