No Deposit Renting

Fast and easy Renting, Secured

Experience the ultimate convenience and freedom of securing your dream home without the burden of a traditional security deposit. With our innovative approach to zero deposit renting, we're transforming the way you find and move into your ideal rental property. Thanks to our partnership with Flatfair we are now offering a No Deposit alternative so you can spend your money on the things you truly love.

What is No Deposit Renting?

No deposit renting, also known as zero deposit renting, is a game-changing approach that gives tenants freedom from the traditional approach of providing a substantial security deposit. Imagine having the opportunity to secure your dream home without parting with a significant upfront payment. That's precisely what no deposit renting offers.

Why choose our No Deposit Scheme? Here are 7 reasons why:

Wallet-Friendly: No need to break the bank! With no deposit renting, you can say goodbye to hefty upfront payments, freeing up your hard-earned cash for other priorities. You pay a one-time check-in fee equivalent to one week's rent (+VAT) rather than a deposit, which results in significantly reduced moving expenses.

Quick Move-In: Say goodbye to waiting for your deposit refund from your previous rental. With zero deposit renting, you can swiftly move into your new abode without unnecessary delays. When it’s time to move out, you’ll only pay if there’s a problem you’re responsible for, and you won't have to wait to get a deposit back.

Fast, Easy Check-Out: Checking out is fair and easy, with government-backed adjudicators on hand in case there’s a charge dispute*. 
*Tenants need to pay a £25 adjudication fee, which you’ll get back if the amount awarded by the adjudicator is less than the proposed charge.

Accessibility for All: No deposit renting opens doors for individuals who may not have the immediate financial capacity for a hefty security deposit, making quality rental homes more accessible to everyone.

Increased Flexibility: Embrace the freedom of choosing a rental property that suits your needs and desires without being restricted by upfront deposit requirements.

Simplified Application Process: Streamlined paperwork and fewer financial hurdles mean a quicker and easier application process, getting you into your new home faster.

No Sneaky Fees: There are no recurring charges if you decide to renew your tenancy and stay in your home. 


How does it work?

1. You review the No Deposit Scheme with us.
2. Paperwork is prepared after you make an upfront payment and enter your Direct Debit information, and copies are emailed to all parties.
3. You are still responsible for any damage to the property or financial loss incurred by the landlord, who receives a guarantee in the same amount as a 6-week tenancy deposit.
4. When the tenancy is over, and the inventory and check-out are completed, provided you leave the house in good shape with no unpaid rent or bills, nothing else needs to be done.
5. You are responsible for paying the landlord any damages to the property or overdue rent. If you disagree with the landlord's claim, you and the landlord will be requested to provide supporting documentation, which will then be reviewed by experts.
6. If the expert determines that the landlord is right, we reach a settlement with your landlord and ask for payment straight from you. You might be responsible for recovery charges if you don't pay us back at this stage, and it might also harm your credit history.

Are you interested in renting a house with no deposit? Then our team of property experts here at Jones Robinson are here to help, simply give us a call and speak to a member of our lettings team on 01635 581991.

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