No Deposit Renting

Fast and easy renting, secured

We are now working with Flatfair to offer a No Deposit alternative to the usual Tenancy Deposit option.

What is a No Deposit guarantee?

With our No Deposit solution, tenants can secure a new home with a small check-in fee instead of paying for a costly deposit, with any damages paid when it’s time to move out.

Why tenants love No Deposit renting:

Lower upfront move-in costs
Instead of a deposit, you pay a one-off check-in fee equal to one week’s rent (+VAT) - so that means much lower moving costs.

Fast and fair
When it’s time to move out, you’ll only pay if there’s a problem you’re responsible for, and you won't have to wait to get a deposit back.

Fast and easy check-out
Checking out is fair and easy, with government-backed adjudicators on hand in case there’s a charge dispute*.

*Tenants need to pay a £25 adjudication fee, which you’ll get back if the amount awarded by the adjudicator is less than the proposed charge.

No sneaky fees
There are no recurring charges if you decide to renew your tenancy and stay in your home.

To find out more, speak to a member of our team on 01635 581991 about No Deposit renting.