Top Tips to Sell Your Home in the Summer

News at Jones Robinson | 25/07/2022

Summer can be a busy season for buying and selling property as buyers begin to look for bigger, better and more spacious properties ahead of winter. And, whilst the demand to move may be slowing slightly, according to Right Move’s recently updated property index, buyer demand is still up 26% in comparison to June 2019, so we expect it to be another busy season!

When it comes to selling your home, there are certain things a seller can do and should consider to enhance the appeal of their property . In this blog we’ll give you some of our top tips to sell your home this summer.  So, let’s get into it…

It’s all about kerb appeal

According to the HomeOwners Alliance, most buyers will decide whether they want to purchase your home within the first few minutes of arriving at the property. And, following a recent survey from YouGov, 68% of home buyers said that Kerb Appeal was an important factor when buying a home. So, whether a potential buyer is doing a quick drive-by or coming for an arranged viewing, you want to make sure that the exterior is up to scratch. Consider cleaning the windows, weeding the driveway, cutting the grass and adding a lick of paint to any fences, garage doors or anywhere else that may need a freshening up. Don’t forget – first impressions are everything!

Get Out in the Garden

Gardens have always been highly desirable for property buyers, but following the pandemic, the demand for gardens and outdoor spaces has surged. However, simply having a garden at your home isn’t enough, the appearance of it matters too. According to SAGA, an overgrown garden could devalue your property by as much as 20%. So, make sure you cut the grass, trim back any unruly hedges, repair the broken furniture, paint the fences and water the flowers regularly to keep the garden looking great ahead of viewings.

Clear the Clutter

Have you ever walked into a house and been overwhelmed with the amount of clutter lying around? You’re not the only one! Cluttered homes not only put off potential buyers, but it could also devalue your property by £10,000. Clear away any busy spaces, unwanted items or clunky pieces of furniture. Your buyer wants to envision themselves living in the space, which can be difficult when there is too much of it taken up with clutter.

Keep Cool

With temperatures hitting the high 30’s recently, demonstrating that the house can be kept as cool as possible in the summer months may become critical – no one wants to live in what feels like a greenhouse! Keep windows and doors open where possible to keep the air flowing and utilise any fans or cooling units for viewings.

Freshen Up

Adding a fresh lick of paint to your walls will freshen up the place, even better if you’re using neutral colours. Consider it a blank canvas for your buyer, using neutral paints allows them to think creatively about what they could do to the room. Also ensure that any other areas that are looking old or worn get a fresh lick of paint too – think old furniture, fences, and doors.

Put Yourself in the Buyers’ Shoes

What would you expect when you walk up to a property? This is one of the biggest things to consider when selling your home. If it’s tidy a exterior, clean rooms, a well-kept garden and pleasant aromas – ensure that you apply these to your own property too. If you wouldn’t expect to walk into a messy unkempt property, don’t allow your potential buyers too either.

In conclusion…

So, there you have it, our top tips for selling your home and sticking to these tips will give you an advantage to selling your home this summer!

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