Navigating the UK Housing Market

News at Jones Robinson | 14/06/2023

Navigating the UK Housing Market: What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know in 2023

Today we will provide you with valuable insights into the current state of the UK housing market. Whether you're a potential buyer or seller, it's important to stay informed about the recent shifts and trends that are shaping the market landscape. Let's explore what you need to know as you navigate the exciting world of UK real estate.


Mortgage Interest Rates

As you consider purchasing a property, it's crucial to be aware that mortgage interest rates have experienced another slight increase recently. On average, the rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is around 4.5%. Take this into account when evaluating your affordability and planning your budget.


Demand and Inventory

If you're looking to buy, be prepared for a competitive market. The demand for housing in the UK remains strong, but there's a limited supply of available homes. Act swiftly and decisively when you find a property that meets your needs to avoid missing out in this dynamic environment. Be sure to be vigilant when looking for properties, we would recommend signing up for our property alerts and following us on social media to have access to properties before they go live on the main portals, Rightmove and Zoopla. 


Changing Preferences

Considering the recent rise of remote work and flexible arrangements, you may be among those seeking properties outside urban centres. Suburban or rural areas offer more space, tranquillity, and affordability. You might want to embrace this shift in preferences and explore the opportunities that these regions present!


Stringent Lending Standards

To secure a mortgage, lenders now have more rigorous criteria. Their lending criteria, which includes income and credit verifictions, will ensure that potential economic uncertanties are mitigated. Prepare yourself by gathering comprehensive documentation and ensuring your financial profile meets their egibility requirement - please call your local office if you need expert mortgage advice, and we will put you in contact with our recommended brokers.


Technological Advancements

Take advantage of the technological advancements that have revolutionized the mortgage industry. Online platforms and digital tools have made the application process faster and more convenient; leverage these resources to streamline your experience and expedite the approval process. Social media is a goldmine; advice, new properties, and resources can be found on various channels.


Government Policies and Programs

If you're a first-time homebuyer, government-backed loan programmes such as Help to Buy and shared ownership schemes are designed to support you. Explore these initiatives to gain accessibility to homeownership and tap into the financial assistance available to you. In order to secure an appropriate deposit, look into goververnment-assisted saving programmes, such as the Lifetime ISA. Be sure to seek proper financial advice before making significant decisions.


As you embark on your journey in the UK housing market in 2023, remember to stay informed and adaptable. Mortgage interest rates have seen a slight increase, demand is high, and preferences are shifting. Embrace technological advancements and explore government programs to support your homeownership goals. While home prices rise, the market remains steady and full of possibilities. By staying knowledgeable and prepared, you can navigate the UK housing market with confidence and make informed decisions along the way - call your local office for expert advice.