A King on our Doorstep!

A King on our Doorstep! hero

With the excitement of King Charles’ coronation over, we thought we’d share with you some little-known facts that merge our world with the royals’ in an unlikely way…

As you walk down the streets of our towns, cities and villages alike, you may notice a trend in the names of the roads. Many of them seem to be named after royalty! From King Street to Queen's Road, these streets are a nod to the wealth of history that our country holds.

But why do we name our streets after kings and queens? Historically, these figures hold power and connect people within the community, much like how our streets connect different parts of a city together. Naming a street after a monarch is a way to pay homage to their legacy and impact on our society.

Research done by Royal Mail concludes that there are 4,333 roads up and down the country that have personal royal connections!

Patriotism has always been popular in the UK and there are 1,148 street names featuring the word ‘King’ and 805 with ‘Queen’ – plus a whopping 1,953 streets in the UK with royalty knitted into the pavement! Our new King claims a mighty extra 681 streets using his name - ‘Charles’ - specifically.

Unsurprisingly, most regal-related names are found in London. With the royal family almost on your doorstep, it would be rude not to pay homage to them with our addresses, right?

Royal Mail reports that there are also 1,398 UK houses featuring the term Crown and 347 refer to Coronation, with Coronation Road being the most common ‘coronation’ themed road name in the UK, accounting for about 26% of all such street names. Coronation Avenue is the runner up and Coronation Street taking home the bronze.

So, with the UK’s rich history ingraining itself into the streets of our country, what a wonderful way to remember our past, and to continue to celebrate it alongside new beginnings as we march forward into the reign of King Charles III.