Calne Area Guide

Calne Area Guide

Calne is a historic town in Wiltshire, England, with a rich heritage dating back to the Anglo-Saxon era. It is located on the edge of the North Wessex Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty, and close to many attractions such as Avebury, Bowood House and Gardens, and the Cherhill White Horse. Living in Calne means enjoying the best of both worlds: a peaceful rural setting with easy access to urban amenities.


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Calne Fact File

  • Calne is the site of a historic meeting in 978, where St Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, defended his reforms of the church and allegedly witnessed a miracle when the floor collapsed under his opponents.

  • Calne is the birthplace of Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of oxygen, who conducted his experiments at nearby Bowood House.

  • Calne is famous for its Wiltshire-cured ham, which was produced by the Harris family for over two centuries and exported all over the world.

  • Calne has a heritage quarter that showcases its history and culture, with attractions such as the Calne Heritage Centre, St Mary’s Church, and the Lansdowne Monument

  • Calne hosts several annual events, such as the Calne Bike Meet, which attracts thousands of motorcyclists to the town, and the Calne Music and Arts Festival, which features local and national performers.

  • Calne is surrounded by beautiful countryside and natural wonders, such as the North Wessex Downs, the Cherhill White Horse, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Avebury.

Living in Calne

Living in Calne is a great choice for anyone who appreciates the charm and beauty of a historic town with a vibrant community. Calne offers a range of housing options, from cosy cottages and terraced houses to modern flats and detached homes. 

The town has excellent transport links, with easy access to the A4 road, the M4 motorway, and the nearby railway stations of Chippenham and Swindon. Calne also has a variety of schools, including primary, secondary, and special education, as well as a library, a leisure centre, and a health centre. 

Calne is a town with a rich cultural heritage, and residents can enjoy many events and activities throughout the year. The town hosts the Calne Bike Meet, the Calne Music and Arts Festival, the Calne Spring Sing, and the Calne Bonfire and Fireworks Night, among others. 

The town also has a heritage quarter that showcases its history and culture, with attractions such as the Calne Heritage Centre, St Mary's Church, and the Lansdowne Monument. Calne is surrounded by stunning countryside and natural wonders, such as the North Wessex Downs, the Cherhill White Horse, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Avebury.

Calne History

Calne is a historic market town in Wiltshire, England, that dates back to the 10th century or earlier. It was part of the royal estates of the Saxon kings and had an important church where Archbishop Dunstan held a council in 9781 Calne became a borough and a centre of trade in the Middle Ages, with markets and fairs held by the king and the treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral. Calne also developed a thriving cloth industry in the 18th century, and later became famous for its cured ham produced by the Harris factory. Calne has many listed buildings that reflect its rich heritage, such as the Tounson almshouses, the Georgian clothiers’ houses, and the town hall and the Lower Quemerford Mill. Calne is also close to several ancient monuments, such as the Cherhill White Horse and the Avebury stone circle. Calne is a town with a long and fascinating history that offers much to explore and discover.



Calne is a town with a rich architectural heritage that reflects its history and culture. The town centre is dominated by the 12th-century St Mary's Church, which features a Norman tower and a Gothic nave. The church is surrounded by a mix of Georgian, Victorian and modern buildings, creating a contrast of styles and periods. One of the most notable buildings in Calne is the Lansdowne Monument adjacent to the Cherhill White Horse, the monument stands on a hill overlooking the town and the surrounding countryside. Calne's architecture showcases the town's character and charm, and offers visitors a glimpse into its past and present.

Explore Calne 


There is a wide variety of fantastic restaurants in Calne, alongside country pubs and farm shops in the surrounding villages.


Antica Roma

Italian Eatery

The White Horse Inn 

Public House

Spice of Bengal

Indian Eatery

Fay’s Bistro

Cafe & Bistro

Shops & Boutiques

Calne boasts a delightful array of shops, boutiques, and a bustling high street that offers a diverse and delightful shopping experience. There are essential shops including pharmacies, opticians, post offices and supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and the Tesco superstore. Whether you're searching for unique finds, enjoying local flavours, or simply soaking in the town's charming ambience, Calne's shopping district has something to offer every visitor.


Juniper Berry

Beauty Salon


Gift Shop

Little Button Jar

Craft Shop

Blackberry Fruit & Veg



Pubs & Cafes

Calne boasts a cosy selection of traditional pubs and inviting cafes. From historic watering holes serving classic ales to charming cafes offering artisanal coffee and homemade treats including vegetarian and vegan options at Sampaguita Cafe, there's a warm and welcoming spot for every taste and occasion in this charming town.




Divine on The Green


London Road Inn

Public House

The Piggy Bank

Public House


Entertainment & Days Out

Calne offers a variety of entertainment and days out. Explore local history at the Heritage Centre, enjoy scenic walks along the Kennet and Avon Canal, or visit nearby attractions like Bowood House and Gardens. Plus, annual events and festivals add a lively touch to the town's entertainment scene.


Bowood House & Gardens

Tourist Attraction

Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum




Calne has a wide range of schools including primary and secondary options. These outstanding educational institutions provide excellent opportunities for students.



Primary School

Kingsbury Green Academy

Secondary School


Calne has a well-connected transport network. Bus services link the town to neighbouring areas, and nearby train stations in Chippenham and Swindon provide access to major cities.