Landlord Terms Of Business

We believe in being completely upfront regarding our fees – so you can manage the cost effectively and don’t have to worry about any hidden charges along the way.

The percentages below are applied in each case to the monthly rent payable by the tenant under the tenancy agreement, and are all inclusive of VAT.

Sole Agency

  • Rent Collection Service – 14.4% (12% plus VAT)
  • Managed Service – 18% (15% plus VAT)

Joint Agency

  • Rent Collection Service – 16.8% (14% plus VAT)
  • Managed Service – 20.4% (17% plus VAT)

The above are subject to a set up fee of £252.00 (Inc. VAT where the monthly rent is <£1,000)

The above are subject to a set up fee of £288.00 (Inc. VAT where the monthly rent is >£1,000)

Let Only Service

One months rental plus VAT (E.g. if the monthly rental is £800pcm the fee is £960 Inc. VAT)

The Let Only Service is subject to a minimum fee of £600 Inc. VAT

Inventory Costs may be applicable including updating and re-typing – these costs vary dependent upon whether the Property is Furnished or Unfurnished and upon the size of the Property – please contact the Office for further information.

Additional Charges

  1. Tenancy lease extension/renewal – £90 Inc. VAT.
  2. Providing additional printed copies of the tenancy agreement or inventory £36 Inc. VAT.
  3. Checking and making any alterations requested by the Landlord’s solicitor to our standard Tenancy Agreement: £60.00 including VAT per hour or part of an hour.
  4. Visits during a void period using our caretaking service £72.00 including VAT for one visit each week during office hours.
  5. A supervisory fee of 9% Inc. VAT of the total cost of any works required at a property in excess of £800.
  6. A supervisory fee of 9% Inc. VAT of the partial or total refurbishment of the Property costs.
  7. If the Landlord is not resident in the UK the Agent will charge an administration fee of £36.00 each quarter for tax retention and completion of the documentation required by the Centre for Non Residents.
  8. Cost to hire electric/oil fired heaters when tenants are without heating is subject to a fee of £12.00 including VAT per heater per day.
  9. Preparation of documentation for County Court proceedings or TDS adjudication will be £120.00 including VAT and attendance at court or any tribunal on the Landlord’s behalf will be charged at £240.00 including VAT per half day.
  10. Duplicate/copy statements can be provided to the Landlord or accountant for a fee of £12.00 including VAT per statement or £120.00 including VAT for all the statements covering a tax year.
  11. Arrangement a residential EPC £96.00 including VAT.
  12. If a tenant/s introduced to the property by Jones Robinson enters into a binding contract to purchase the property a fee of 1.8% Inc. VAT of the purchase price is payable to Jones Robinson within 10 days following the completion of the sale.

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