Online property valuation tool launched!

It’s no secret that property values in West Berkshire have been rising for quite some time and the value of your home may have changed surprisingly since you last had it valued. Despite our Newbury and Lambourn offices opening seven days a week, we might not always be around when you want to know what your property might sell for or how much a house you want to buy is worth.

For home owners who are planning a move (and to satisfy curiosity), Jones Robinson has introduced an online valuation tool that gives a property valuation in a matter of seconds. The tool is ready to use on a round-the-clock basis, and gives sales and lettings valuations. So if you’ve decided to sell at midnight on a Monday, or want to see how much your home has made at six o’clock on a Sunday, just log on and enter a few simple details.



The instant valuation tool is on the home page of our website. Just click on the text to start the quick two-step process. Firstly, enter details about where you live, the property you’d like valued and your current circumstances (don’t worry, there’s a ‘just being nosey’ option). Secondly, type in a few details about yourself before pressing submit. Your valuation will pop up in an instant.

The results are easy to read, with a sliding scale of values ranging from minimum, average and maximum. There will also be a Google street view of the property  – perfect if you’re looking up a home you might want to buy –  and a description of the local property market, with house price and street details.

Charles Robinson, a Director at Jones Robinson, comments: “The value of property fascinates home movers – whether they are selling, renting or looking to purchase – so we’ve introduced an instant online valuation tool that allows people to see any property’s worth (whether they own it or not) at any time of the day. The online valuation gives the bottom and top valuation range, which we can narrow down and be more specific about when we speak to somebody in person.”

Charles adds: “So many things affect the value of a home and while the online tool is instant, only when we know the full picture can we give an accurate appraisal. State of decor, home improvements, exact location and the speed at which the vendor would like to sell all impact on a property’s value so it’s vital for home owners to speak with us directly and book an in-person valuation after they have used our online tool.

Jones Robinson | 09/02/16 01:47PM

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